Here are the Best Tips on How to Travel in Singapore with Babies & Todds

Spending holidays with your family is one of the best things you can do. However, there are a few considerations when you take your baby or toddler on vacation. It’s not about quality time with your loved one to rest, it’s about those who just need special care.

When you are in Singapore, you can go for some fun activities even with your baby on the trip. Therefore, you must not only go for pleasure but also safety and enjoyment for your baby. First, you can go search for a book at Tanjong Pagar hotels or go for the luxurious one at Grand Hyatt Singapore because It is for your enjoyment when you and your toddlers get the rest at night.

So, here are the best tips on how to travel in Singapore with babies and todds, lets see what it is all about!

  1. Check in to family-friendly hotels

Like the priority as mentioned before, the family-friendly hotel is a must. Even before you go, you can book and search the hotels in Traveloka especially. Go for the family room that can contain 1 up to 2 children of yours and prepare the budget for it.

There are so many advantages when you get into a family friendly hotel and their family rooms. You and the family member of course the baby can get a spacious room to explore. For some places to stay, they even offer you better options such as kids club, playground, and the water theme park. Some hotels will give you access for free for your todds!

  1. Dine at kid-friendly restaurants

When it comes to the toddler’s needs, you can’t just go for a casual pick up food. Please, look up for not only family-friendly but also kid-friendly restaurants. They offer your babies a perfect food to swallow.

You can plan to take the meal out for brunch, lunch and dinner. By choosing, kid-friendly menu, your kids will enjoy the holiday as much as you can enjoy it. There are some restaurants in Singapore that offer kid-friendly menus and dining facilities, such as The Pantry and Huber’s Bistro. The restaurant also gives your child a playground to enjoy.

  1. Get your kid attraction and guided tour

New to Singapore? Well, you must consider the point of special attraction for your kids. There some places you can get your baby to be a perfect attraction, especially for toddlers. Beside the specially-made attractions for kids, just spend extra money for a guided tour to accommodate the educational purpose.

One of the best places to get this is at the Singapore Zoo. The zoo is a perfect place for babies to learn some great things. It can be a medium for more sensitive learning, vision and environment learning. In the zoo, you can get a perfect guide to bring you around the animal exhibit for quality time with your family.

  1. Choose the well-equipped places

What is the meaning of well-equipped? It is for your babies of course. In Singapore, you will be surrounded by some of the best malls and shopping places, but don’t go for places that are not kid-friendly. Choose the one place with nappy-changing stations, kid cabs, and everything you need to bring your babies safe for the day out.

Don’t forget to choose the one with the lactation room for the babies. Last, you can also search for the places with the playground so you can securely watch your todds when playing and strolling around the slides.

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