Frankly Charleston Black History Tour

A major port city and a popular travel destination in South Carolina, Charleston is fit to impress any tourist with its Southern friendliness, charm, and rich history. It is one of the most notable historic towns in SC that used to be a key slave trading port. If you are visiting the city for the first time and want to learn about its Black history, then consider Charleston Walking Tour. It is a recommended tour choice as it is enlightening, family-friendly, and affordable.

What Is The Frankly Charleston Black History Tour?

Frankly Charleston Black History Touris a Charleston Walking Tour designed to offer a historical stroll through the antebellum section of the 5th ward of Wraggborough. It allows you to experience the domestic acreage of what was once known as the suburbs as well as tour a predominantly African American colonial neighborhood. During the tour, you will witness a lot of historical sights, from colonial parks to renovated colonial architecture to plantation mansions and more. Charleston Walking Tour will take you through the moments of this port city’s greatest triumphs and horrific disasters.

Features and Aspects:

Following are the key features and aspects of this tour:

  • Most tourists can participate.
  • Service animals allowed.
  • Infant seats available.
  • The tour consists of 2-9 guests.
  • Near public transportation.
  • If the tour is cancelled due to not reaching the minimum tourist’s requirement, you will be offered a different date or a full refund.
  • If the tour is canceled because of poor weather, it will be rescheduled to a later date, or you will be offered a full refund.

Additional Information:

Read on to learn additional key information about the tour, e.g., opening hours, itinerary, departure point and time, and more.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday, 10AM–12PM, 2–3:30PM
  • Tuesday, 10AM–12PM, 2–3:30PM
  • Wednesday, 10AM–12PM, 2–3:30PM
  • Thursday, 10AM–12PM, 2–3:30PM
  • Friday, 10AM–12PM, 2–3:30PM
  • Saturday, 10AM–12PM, 2–3:30PM
  • Sunday, 11AM–1PM

Key Pass by and Stop Points:

Key pass by and stop points of the tour include the following:

  • Pass By: Colonial suburban planation house known as Aiken-Rhett House.
  • Stop At: Various historic African American churches, including Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.
  • Pass By: Colonial military fort that was built due to the Denmark Vesey conspiracy. It is called The Citadel.

Departure Point:

Departure point of this Charleston Walking Tour is:

375 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29403, USA

Departure Time:

Departure time from Monday to Saturday is 10:00 AM. Departure time on Sunday is 11:00 AM.

Return Details:

The tour will end and return to the original departure point, i.e. 375 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29403, USA

Why Choose Frankly Charleston Black History Tour?

Charleston is well-known for its carefully curated history that dates back to 1600s and a Charleston experience is not complete without Charleston Walking Tour. This tour allows you to visit the town and learn about the story of what was a key slave trading port. Franklin Williams, the co-owner/head guide of this tour, is a certified and passionate guide who will take you much deeper than the touristy aspects of Charleston, SC. He will provide the observations and insights about African American contributions to the city and the country. Through his knowledge and experience, Franklin will ensure that you can properly recognize, understand, and appreciate the messages from the past. As a result, you will be able to fully embrace the whole of Charleston.

Company Overview:

Frankly Charleston Black History Tours is a family business. It was established in 2015 by Franklin D. Williams. He is a professional tour guide with a lot of experience as he has been in the tour guide industry since 2001. The company offers several tours that last from 90 minutes to a couple of hours. Through these tours, Franklin teaches you about the African American history of Charleston, SC. Tourists get to explore the history of the city and learn how urban enslaved people lived differently as compared to their rural counterparts. Frankly Charleston Black History Tours also helps tourists explore the historical landmarks of the city and stop at some of the best-preserved historic homes in the area.

Frankly Charleston Black History Tours are enlightening and help first-time visitors to the area to better understand the history and culture of this place. The tours provide a full perspective of both the history that is commonly told by other carriage and bus tours in addition to the more important history of African American resilience and slavery. If you want a complete picture of the city that is rich in such history, then a Charleston Walking Tour is an opportunity you simply cannot afford to miss.

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