Why You Will Enjoy Visiting Egypt

It’s pretty evident that Egypt has a rich heritage and many tourists always aspire to fulfill their childhood Indiana Jones fantasies while visiting.

There’s a slew of things to sightsee when it comes to Egypt’s exhilarating culture and history, and landmarks such as the Valley of the Kings, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Sphinx will provide you with a preview of it. The prehistoric structures just show well primaeval Egyptian art and architecture are well-looked-after, so bear in mind that there’s a plethora of things to experience for history and archaeology enthusiasts. Furthermore, Egypt lays claim to ancient tombs, museums, and temples anybody can walk around, bringing to light information and secrets about the rich past of the country.

2023 is very special since the Grand Egyptian Museum is opening its doors and everybody is invited to visit. The museum will rank among the best in the world after its opening; it features over 100,000 unique exhibits and artefacts, including King Tut’s treasure collection.

Embark on an Inexpensive Adventure

In contrast to other tourist destinations with a range of things and places to explore, Egypt is very budget-friendly, from its accommodation, food, and activities. Its price packages are super competitive in comparison to other destinations, making it number one on the list for holidaymakers looking for affordable adventures in 2023. Other than the competitive prices, the tourism sector in Egypt is well-developed, so it gives travellers a wide selection of options and services to choose from, depending on what is in line with their preferences and is in their budget range. This implies that anybody can have a good time in Egypt without having to break the bank. What’s more, tourists are certain to get value for money given how the country has an advantageous exchange rate, which is another upside for budget-conscious travellers.

Exchange rates have been unstable of late, so the locals are having a difficult period, and it would really go a long way if you tip generously. Use this tipping guide to refer to as you traverse Egypt!

Try Egypt’s Delicious Cuisine

The culinary scene in Egypt is also amazing, with an expansive range of foods and drinks to try out. From savoury stews and grilled meats to fresh juices and sweet pastries, there’s something for every taste. If you are not one for fancy traditional cookery, there are International restaurants and cafes in Egypt, and they also provide a range of cuisines from across the globe. Even if you are a vegan, you can still enjoy your favourite dish while in Egypt.

Sunrise Holidays Resort is the first adults-only resort in Egypt, situated on a private beach lagoon that enriches the rejuvenating holiday with its idyllic sea view. No place comes to mind where you can take brunch while enjoying this sort of view!

Enjoy the Music Scene and Vibrant Arts

The music and art scene in Egypt is one of the best, providing various contemporary and traditional performances to enjoy. Travellers may decide to take in traditional dance and music or go to contemporary art exhibitions and music performances. In addition to these cultural events, the numerous galleries and museums in Egypt also highlight their rich artistic culture and modern creativity by local and international performers.

Have Fun in the Warm and Sunny Climate

Outdoorsy folks and beach enthusiasts will love Egypt’s warm and sunny weather even more. The Red Sea and Mediterranean shores feature beautiful beaches with clear blue water where holidaymakers can swim, snorkel, and take part in water sports. Other than the beaches, the country generally has a warm climate, making it a perfect place to take part in outdoor activities. If you want a cruise, you can board the Nile cruise.

Regional Exploration

Egypt is located at the intersection of two attractive regions – the Middle East and Africa – making it a perfectly-situated place for regional exploration.