What to Know about the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a popular destination for holidays in the UK.  It has a great deal to offer tourists, and is often busy throughout the summer months.  Here are some key tips for your next trip to this tiny island!


The beaches on the Isle of Wight are particularly good, featuring clear sand and safe seas.  There is around 65 miles of coastline to explore on the Isle. Beaches are good for surfing, rockpooling, or simply relaxing on.  Some of the beaches are fairly secluded and quiet, whilst some are more popular and nearby to busy areas.  Ideal for people looking for a little variety on their beach holidays!


Considering how small the Isle of Wight is, there are plenty of attractions and activities to keep families occupied throughout their holiday.  From adventure parks and zoos, to castles, stately homes and museums, there is definitely something for all tastes.  There’s even a roman settlement to explore!  Whilst there is a good choice, it is also a good thing to know that many of the attractions are low cost or even free to enter!  The attractions are usually on the smaller scale, but the variety offered exceeds many expectations.


Getting around the Isle of Wight is easy, firstly because it is so small!  Nothing is particularly far away, so you won’t need to spend ages in the car to find somewhere to go.  Most places are within a 30 minute drive.  Public transport mainly consists of buses, but there are some trains on one side of the island.  The car is generally the preferred method of transport for most people.  Bear in mind that the roads can be fairly narrow and windy, so you won’t be able to drive very fast!


The Isle of Wight has a great range of accommodation options for families looking to stay here.  From holiday parks to hotels, we have a great selection.  Some of the most popular places to stay are near the beaches, and you will find a great caravan holiday park Isle of Wight on the coast.  Different types of holiday park are available, so if you prefer a busy, lively and active park you can choose to stay here, or if you prefer a quiet and secluded break, there are plenty of options too!  There are also lots of touring caravan parks if you want to bring your own van down to the island.

Food and Drink

As with most beach resorts in the UK, the food is pretty similar across the country.  In the Isle of Wight you can expect to find plenty of ice cream stands, fish and chip shops and souvenir stalls selling delicious sticks of rock.  As it is a coastal region, the Isle of Wight is well known for crab, so you can expect to see this on many menus.  The island is generally warmer than other parts of the UK, so some crops grow particularly well here, such as garlic.  Don’t forget to sample some local wine and ale whilst you are here too!

Reaching the Isle of Wight

The easiest and quickest way to get to the Isle of Wight is via the ferry from Portsmouth.  There are regular ferry trips running for cars and pedestrian visitors every day.  It only takes a very short time and you will be on the island in a jiffy.