Wedding in Santorini by Julia Veselova Wedding Planner

Getting married is an intimate and romantic process that the two will remember for the rest of their lives. You can enhance experience from the most memorable day for you and your lover by choosing an excellent wedding destination. The beautiful mythic Santorini is an elegant venue for weddings in Greece. The island has much to offer for official ceremonies as well as for cozy little parties for your dearest people. Filled with the energy of ancient civilizations, Santorini will be your own small world in the Aegean Sea during the days of celebration. Greek islands are associated with romance due to their mysterious legends, warm Mediterranean climate and most charming panoramic views. 

Julia Veselova Wedding Planner

Professional wedding planners from Julia Veselova’s agency organize weddings in Santorini with full commitment and cooperate with you in realizing your dreams. Huge experience and personal approach let the team of professionals discover all the numerous options of Santorini for you making the ceremony truly unique. You can choose among adjustable wedding packages that include various registration and ceremony venues, breathtaking activities for you and the guests, residence and infrastructure options as well as legal formalities. It is possible to opt between luxurious opportunities and more affordable ways to enjoy your wedding in Santorini. The planner is responsible for offering you the most agreeable individual scenarios.

Planning a Wedding of Your Dream

Here is a brief plan on how we are going to arrange everything together. In order to organize the ceremony perfectly with the largest selection of opportunities, contact Julia Veselova in advance. The quicker we start, the more restaurants, hotels and other wedding venues will be available. Keep in mind the format of the event to help you define the desired venues and activities.  Make sure you can obtain the documents required for the wedding abroad. We will provide consultations and help you with the bureaucracy concerning each type of registration. There are several types of template packages for even a simpler wedding planning.