Want to Travel While Making Money? Here’s How!

It is NO secret that traveling is one of the activities that many people are most interested in. In addition to simply filling the time off or visiting new areas, the purpose of a person traveling is to relieve stress.

Especially if you have a monotonous routine everyday, traveling is definitely needed to refresh the mind.

Unfortunately traveling can also make you dizzy. Because, traveling at home or abroad requires a cost that is not cheap.

You have to prepare money to buy transportation tickets, rent hotel rooms, the cost of meals and living during the trip, and the cost to buy a trip.

However, who would have thought that walking could bring money for you? Nowadays there are quite a lot of ways that you can become a traveler while earning money. Well, here are the ways you can get paid when you travel the world, as quoted from the Great Escape Publishing page.

1. Create a Vlog

In the digital age, the word vlog is familiar. Vlog sender stands for video blog. As it stands, vlogs are activities where a person recounts his activities or experiences through video.

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Every time you visit tourist attractions, there are always people who record their holiday activities while talking to explain what they are doing.

Vlog makers or so-called vloggers will usually upload their vlogs on YouTube. If you are able to suck up a lot of viewers, you will earn income from this activity.

2. Write a blog or article

When visiting a new place, it doesn’t mean to share your experience on a blog. You can write it as interesting as possible, use the most suitable fonts and designs to show your distinctive features. Don’t forget to include photos during your vacation.

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Besides this can help others consider their holiday destination, you can also earn money from this activity. The more blog visitors, the greater your chances of raising money from these activities.

You can also write for magazines or online media that talk about the traveling experience. Usually they receive articles from readers.

3. Create a book

Another way to earn money from traveling or traveling is to make a book that discusses traveling. You can write down tips on traveling to a country, the beauty of a region, or create a story based on your travel

Writing traveling books is a great prospect in the world of writing. Even if your book doesn’t penetrate major publishers, you can publish it indieally and promote it through social media platforms.

4. Become a cabin crew member

Working as a cabin crew member certainly requires you to travel from one area to another both at home and abroad. And on each trip every flight attendant or flight attendant gets a layover to rest in the area they visit.

Pramugari Emirates

You can use this time to visit tourist attractions or culinary tours without having to worry about the cost of airfare, accommodation, even your stomach needs. Because all of that is already covered by the airline you are sheltering in.