Makeup Inspiration for the Office

Wanting to look beautiful to the office does not have to wear excessive makeup. Here’s makeup inspiration for a natural and flawless office. Using cheap foundation to go to the office is often a challenge, because of fear of too thick or wrongly choose the color of lipstick.

One of the inspirations for makeup to go to the office can flash to Korean makeup.

1. Clean Face & Skincare

The basic thing in makeup is a clean face and ready to be applied cosmetically. Once the face is well cleaned, use skincare that suits the skin condition. By preparing the skin, the makeup to the office can be more attached well to the face.

2. Primary

Busy work sometimes makes you do not have time to repeat using makeup products. For long-lasting cheap makeup brands or cushion makeup, it is recommended to use a primer. When applying makeup to the office, the primer can serve to shrink the appearance of pores, and reduce the oil on the face so that makeup can be more durable.

3. Cushion

For natural makeup results, choose a best cheap foundation. “Use cushion more simple. The result is light, but quite a cover on the face,” suggested makeup artist who dressed Up Agla Artalidia a Wolipop photo shoot with Pixy themed ‘Korean Office Look’.

4. Korean Makeup Inpiration

To get to the office, the way makeup is inspired by South Korean women is suitable to be applied. For example, use pink-peach blush used above the cheekbones and near under the eyes for a fresh feel. Ombre lipstick can also be a mainstay for a fresh look when going to the office.

Red color can be ombre, used in the deepest part of the lips. It looks pretty, and it’s not too much. If you wear red lipstick all over the lips, you’re afraid of the professional impression.