How To Utilise Crystals In Your Day-Day Life!

Crystals are beautiful creations that have been gifted to us by the earth. Perhaps you are currently using crystals to guide you in your meditations, or even you are in the process of collecting the correct crystals for healing the various chakras. Crystals are not everyday items that can be found in a person’s belongings. Carrying around crystals might feel intimidating especially if you are surrounded by people who do not have the same knowledge of the healing powers that crystals can provide. Knowing how they can benefit your everyday activities can elevate their effectiveness instead of leaving your crystals for solely meditations.

Why Use Crystals During The Day?

Crystals are known for their ability to encourage free-flowing energy, and also inhibit any toxic energy that might be targeted towards youtube direction. Crystals should become a part of you the same way you carry a bag with all your belongings in it. One thing that crystals should be subjected to is junk as they can feel the negative energy, which therefore prevents their healing qualities from reaching you. Leaving your precious crystals at the bottom of your cluttered bags can do more bad than good, so knowing how to implement them in everyday life is essential for absorbing the best of their energies.

Here are a few ways you can use crystals in your day-to-day life :

Place Your Crystals At Your Desk

If you are looking to attract positive energy in your place of work it would be a good idea to place crystals at your desk. Often we strive for success and abundance in our place of work as we are hoping for increased wages and opportunities within the company. Placing crystals at your desk can increase the likelihood that good things will happen, as well as ward away any bad energy from people who might be looking at you with jealousy.

Wear Your Crystals As Jewellery

Another great way to incorporate crystals into our everyday life is to wear them as jewellery. You might consider finding antique diamond rings that also feature crystals that are going to attract high frequencies and steer away any negativity. You can also wear earrings, and also necklaces. This will attract more good healing energy as the crystals will be seeing the world as you see it, bringing in more good energy and pushing back any negativity.

Keep Them In Your Car

Crystals can be manipulated in many different ways now, and one of the most recent ways that spiritual people are utilising the power of crystals is by hanging them up in their cars. In the same way that car air fresheners produce great smells, hanging up crystals in your car can secrete good energy. Make sure that your crystals are removed from your car during the sunrise in the morning as this can prevent them from being recharged by the moon’s light.

Bottom Line

Overall, crystals should not only be used for your meditation practice, and they instead should be incorporated into your everyday life. Make sure that your crystals are kept safe and that no one else can touch them. Whether you decide to place crystals at your desk, wear them as a vintage ruby ring, or hang them up in your car, they can attract abundance wherever you are.