A day in Kolkata

The capital city of the state of West Bengal is a pride not only to the Bengalis but also to the entire nation. Kolkata as we call it the City of Joy houses many ancient structures that have a colonial touch. Dotted with bookstores, a wide range of markets, busy crowds and eateries, the city features a positive vibe. From the narrow lanes of North Kolkata to the modern-style houses in South Kolkata, the city displays a perfect harmony of tradition and modernity. As a home to many notable Nobel Laureates, Kolkata is a hub of culture. Further, it also serves as the prime location to celebrate UNESCO declared carnival the Durga Puja with great enthusiasm.

Hotels in Kolkata page on Intermiles

Travelling has been my passion. And for a very long time, a Kolkata trip was on my mind. So, without much delay, I started to look out for comfortable accommodations in Kolkata that were within my budget and came across the website of Intermiles. After conducting a comprehensive search expedition through the entire list of hotels in Kolkata got myself booked at The Oberoi Grand for an entire week and then went on to plan the next part of the trip accordingly. After landing in the City of Joy, the next day we (me and my parents) were ready to explore its true essence at our own pace and went forward with the exact plan. Here is a detailed overview of the entire day.

Visited Victoria Memorial Hall

Inside view of the dome of Victoria Memorial Hall

We began our Kolkata journey by visiting the white marble structure situated at Maidan called the Victoria Memorial Hall. Built in the year 1921, this hall remains a remarkable example of British architecture to date. Dedicated to Queen Victoria, this memorial hall is now turned into a famous museum. Besides impressive architecture, the place features sprawling grasslands, a fountain and an artificial pond that was really eye-catching. Inside the premises, we witnessed numerous galleries featuring sculptures, armours and portraits of national leaders. It took us almost 2 hours to explore the entire place. Thus we would recommend you to visit the hall at the earliest around 10 AM so that you can explore other places in the city as well.

Explored Esplanade and its shopping lanes

Esplanade the shoppers’ paradise in Kolkata

After soaking in the history of India at the Victoria Memorial Hall, we were quite hungry and visited the Esplanade, to get ourselves some lip-smacking food and indulge in window shopping as well. Located in the heart of the city, Esplanade is one of the crowded places in Kolkata. Earlier, this part of Kolkata was surrounded by jungles and later the northern area was named Maidan. Since Kolkata was the capital of British India, this region is dotted with many British remnants that are standing proudly to date. Here we bought a huge number of items from many local and branded shops that encourage a bargaining system. Well connected with roads and the metro, Esplanade makes it an easy travel spot for tourists and locals. We also happened to cross by the famous Tipu Sultan Mosque which is an iconic Muslim religious institute at Esplanade.

Sat by the enchanting Hooghly river at Princep Ghat

View from the Ghat

Esplanade was a great place for shopping and dining. After having our lunch and roaming around the lanes of Dharmatala (the other name for Esplanade), we took a yellow taxi and headed straight to Princep Ghat. Established in 1841, Princep Ghat is now among the oldest recreational parks situated in the city. The place dotted with tall trees and bushes provides a perfect destination for lovers and families to spend quality time. We went to Princep Ghat and got closer to nature and the waters of the river flowing at a slow pace. It was the boat rides that really got my attention. And we decided to go for a 1-hour boat ride at the Ghat. While we were on the boat, breathtaking views of the Hooghly Bridge and the city caught your eyes. As per my experience visiting the Princep Ghat during the later part of the afternoon is the best must-thing to do. You can also get hold of street food and ice cream to quench your evening snacks craving at Princep Ghat. 

Went for dinner at Park Street

The menu at Peter Cat

After spending our afternoon and most of the evening at Princep Ghat, we went straight to the infamous boulevard of the city, Park Street. This place houses the biggest Christmas and New Year’s celebration in Kolkata. Dotted with numerous eateries and the iconic Park Hotel, Park Street is also a major office hub in the city. Since it was an Anglo locality, many of the restaurants in Park Street exhibit a multitude of international cuisine from their early days. Food is the most important thing that binds all the other stuff together and because I am a big foodie my family agreed on dining at Peter Cat in Park Street. It is one of the oldest and famous restaurants located here serving delicious preparations both Indian and international. The Chelo Kebab platter and hot chicken sizzlers along with exotic beverages were enough to meet our appetite. So if you are looking for a place to have dinner with your family in Kolkata, Park Street has various options to offer.

We ended our day tour of Kolkata by going back to the hotel. It was such a fulfilling experience. With the right planning and a brilliant choice of places, you too can experience the best day in the City of Joy. Remember to book a room at the best hotels in Kolkata and start by exploring the city at your own pace.