5 Most Iconic Sites in Mexico City

Mexico City (Ciudad de México) is located in the Anáhuac Valley at an elevation of almost 2,200 meters, surrounded by massive mountain ranges. Two beautiful snow-capped volcanoes that loom over the city provide a breathtaking backdrop. Here are the top 5 must-see attractions in Mexico City.

The National Museum of Anthropology

One of the most important of its kind in the world is located in Chapultepec Park and is easy to overlook due to the massive monolithic figure that marks its entrance.

This astonishingly successful example of contemporary architecture, which was completed in 1964, is known for its superb exhibits of old Indian art treasures.


The Zócalo (or Plaza de la Constitución) is one of the world’s largest squares, located in the heart of the historic city. It is bordered to the north by the Metropolitan Cathedral and to the east by the National Palace, as well as a variety of other historic structures. The center is dominated by a massive Mexican flag, which is ceremoniously lowered and raised each day.

Templo Mayor

In recent years, a number of major Aztec historical sites have been excavated and put on exhibit. The most notable site is Templo Mayor, which houses the ruins of Tenochtitlán’s Great Temple. Walking through the excavation site now, tourists may observe the ruins of numerous ancient temples that were discovered beneath the original temple.

Palacio Nacional

The National Palace, which is on the east side of Mexico City’s main square, is made of reddish tezontle stone and has a 200-meter-long façade. It is the president’s official house.

It was built on top of an Aztec palace and served as the seat of the Spanish viceroys during the colonial period, though it has undergone extensive renovations.

The Basilica de Guadalupe

This site attracts millions of visitors and worshipers each year, especially on December 12th, the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The 50,000-seat plaza in front of the basilica is surrounded by a complex of buildings that overlook a large public area ornamented with a variety of remarkable modern sculptures.

These are just a few of the numerous amazing attractions in Mexico City. To really enjoy the best of Mexico City, consider a guide for walking tours.